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The Isabella VanVechten Legacy Society honors those who have included the VanVechten Cemetery Association in their will.  Many people believe that they lack sufficient funds to include a charitable gift in their will, however, this is not true.  There are many available planned giving opportunities to consider.   Remember to work with your professional advisor to determine what is best for you.  Email:

for more information or to notify the Trustees of your bequest and add your name to the list of others who have already included the VanVechten Cemetery in their planned giving.

Isabella VanVechten Legacy Society Members


Isabella VanVechten

W.J. Smeallie

Irma Jeffers

Clarence Jeffers

Margaret Leackfeldt

Alfred McKinlay

David VanPatten

Ava Douglass

Agnes VanPatten

Alan VanPatten

Mark McKinlay

Margaret DeGraff Hotaling

Linda M. Arony

Philip S. Arony

Deborah VanPatten Walker

Holly Boughton

Darla Revere

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