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The VanVechten Cemetery Association is a 501 (c) 13 tax exempt organization.  Donations are deductible to the extent allowed by tax law.

The VanVechten Cemetery began as a family cemetery in 1778 on the VanVechten family farm.  Twenty-six members are buried on the original lot.  In1883, John and Isabella VanVechten established the VanVechten Cemetery Association on the three acres surrounding the original lot and the cemetery became public.  Since that time, close to 500 burials have taken place, many individuals being of Scottish descent.  In the late 1800's, when the original church cemetery fell into disrepair, 65 individuals from the Scotch Church cemetery were transferred to the VanVechten Cemetery.  


The Van Vechten Cemetery Association is governed by a Board of Trustees, many of whom are descendants of the original Van Vechten Family:


Kenneth Aucompaugh, Sr. - President

Greg Welsh - Vice President

Susan Munson - Secretary

Ava Douglass - Treasurer

Emily Aucompaugh

Kenneth Aucompaugh, Jr.

Melissa Aucompaugh

Patricia Isabella

Mark McKinlay

Jamie Nelson

David VanPatten

Kevin Aucompaugh - Superintendent

Our Philosophy

We strive to provide a beautiful setting for those buried in our cemetery as well as a peaceful and serene location for families to visit their departed loved ones.

Our History

The VanVechten Cemetery celebrated its 140th birthday in 2023. Click here for the story in the Amsterdam Recorder.


For more history on the cemetery, visit the Details page.


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